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Why Solid Wood Furniture?

6 December, 2019
What is Solid Wood Furniture?

Solid wood is the lumber that has been milled directly from the trees sourced from managed and sustainable forests. It is considered to be stronger compared to plywood or engineered wood since it is a homogeneous material. Environmentally, solid wood is much more Eco-friendly since it uses little energy during the production process.

Problems with Engineered wood and Plywood:

Engineered Wood uses tremendous energy as well as potentially toxic materials in terms of the glue compounds used during the manufacturing process. Engineered wood is not a natural product. Materials such as wood fibers, sawdust, glues and chemicals are all bonded together using extreme pressure and high temperature. Plywood and Veneered wood are slightly different as in they are created from strips of wood. The process involves gluing a thin layer of wood on top of a core material which may be lower grade timber, plywood or MDF. These do not last as long as Solid Wood furniture and has to be replaced much more frequently.Then exterior and interior of the furniture will not match and will be much lighter than Solid Wood furniture.For furniture such as book shelves, wardrobes, bedrooms plywood is not the suitable material since it has a tendency to bend in the middle when long pieces are used.

Why Solid Wood Furniture?

Solid Wood furniture retains its appearance, achieving a lovely patio as it ages. Any damage that occurs can be easily repaired and can be restored to its original appearance. It has personality and character.Solid wood is a much better choice for home-owners. It’s not something you will want to hide ever It may be a little more expensive than Engineered or Plywood, but it will last much longer making it a much better value for money.

The grain of wood is unique. That means any Solid Wood Furniture you purchase is the only piece of its kind.

Furnicheer only uses Solid Wood. The luxurious elegance that Solid Wood Furniture achieves can never be possessed by engineered wood. If you want a chic, upmarket home-style that says quality and elegance to everyone who enters your home – then Solid Wood Furniture is essential.

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