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A TEXTILE STORY- Mirroring the beauty of textiles on wood

10 October, 2019

Wood and textiles have always had somewhat of symbiotic relationship; the same hues and resist patterns on fabrics are mirrored on these wooden pieces in simpler yet just as striking ways.

1. Taking fresh inspirations from the ombre dip – dyed shades and the resist patterns of batik, the handcrafted collection is an outcome of intense explorations, innumerable trial and errors with near permanent colour on our fingernails.

2. Chest of Drawers : Imitating the technique of batik the chest is a manifestation of the same in furniture. Layers of colours have been added and masked resulting in the final pattern.

3. Library : The finished effect of the book shelf takes its inspiration from ombre dyeing in fabric. Dyed in four colours, furniture leaves a mesmerising effect.

4. Bar : Dyed in an ombre effect, this two toned bar unit is compact yet spacious.

5. Mirror : The mirror starts with very light colours building up with increase in the depth of the colour. Each colour is marked with its own line representing the movement of colour intensity imitating the effect that takes place when dip dyeing fabric in multiple layers.